Comfort Food

10 Sep

Everyone’s got ’em. You know, those foods that you crave when you’re having one of THOSE days. Maybe they take you back to childhood or maybe they’re a more recent discovery; but, either way, they’re the foods that can make you literally sigh with relief.

For me, the list is fairly short: roasted chicken, soft chocolate chip cookies, matzoh ball or orange-ginger-lime soup, samosas, aaaaaaaaaaand….red wine.  No, it’s not food, but it’s verrah, verrah comforting after a long day. What all of these food(-like) items have in common is their ability to remove stress and replace it with happy memories. Even the making of these dishes can be therapeutic! A really good stress relief? Pounding cutlets with a pan or rolling pin. That feels goooooooooood.

How about you? What are your particular favourite comfort foods?


One Response to “Comfort Food”

  1. Eric September 13, 2010 at 8:41 pm #

    ahh comfort food. When I arrive home in Montreal there is always some type of vegetable stew; usually with onions, garlic, celery (lots of celery leaves), zucchini, potatoes, red peppers, tomato, fresh basil, mint, and maybe an egg with parmesean added at the end (egg sometimes parmesean always). Eaten with some nice hardy bread. Or my grandma will make a simple string beans with potatoes in a light tomato sauce. Lately, spagetthi carbonara entered into the comfort food zone for me. Olive oil, pancetta, garlic, percorino, pepper, egg and a little milk. Finally, a medium rare rib steak on the grill works wonders as well. For dessert Tiramisu and a good espresso and call it a day.

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