5 Oct

Picnics are always, always fun. For the first couple of years that J & I dated,  we planned picnics on several different occasions, only for the weather to take a turn for the worse. Finally, we decided that it didn’t necessarily need to be outside: we could have a perfectly good picnic indoors. In December. Off to the market we went, picking up all sorts of goodies. We spread out a blanket on the floor, arranged the various meats, cheeses, fruit, bread & infused olive oil that J created on the stove. We tucked in to a helluva good meal and have continued this tradition ever since.

For our anniversary this week, we decided this would be an excellent dinner. We had corned beef, sliced roast beef & Calabrese salami; St. Agur blue cheese, double-creme brie & jalapeno havarti; apples & grapes; a raisin & walnut ciabatta; and a garlic/basil/chili flake-infused olive oil that we kept warm with a little chocolate fondue pot.

It’s such a fun way to eat, experimenting with different flavour combinations and textures. The apple & brie were especially delicious, as was the bread-blue cheese-salami combo. Difficult to go wrong, though, when you’ve good ingredients, good wine and good company!


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