Finally! New shows on FN!

1 Sep

As I suspect has become clear, I am totally addicted to the Food Network. I will watch just about anything, with the exception of Robert Irvine who lied about his entire resume, Laura Calder who puts me to sleep and that idiot from Road Grill. I have watched, ad nauseum, episodes of Restaurant Makeover, Chef At Home, Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares (British, not US), DDD, Giada, etc. I have seen every episode of I Do…Let’s Eat! at least 5 times.  (Weddings and food: what’s not to love??!) But, over the summer, with the exception of The Next Food Network Star, everything is a re-run. EVERYTHING. This gets tiresome pretty quickly, though I’m pretty sure I can watch Lynn Crawford get jumped on by lambs endlessly: check it out at the 12 minute mark or so.

But now?  Top Chef? Check. The Opener? Check. Dinner Wars? Check. Shows are returning with new episodes and new shows are hitting the airwaves and it’s about freaking time. Of the reality shows, Chef is unquestionably the best. Talented people doing what they love. It’s a bunch of Type A’s competing against and living with each other. The judges are knowledgeable and, often, hilarious. It’s infinitely better than Top Chef Masters, though I did enjoy watching some of the best chefs in the world do their thang.

I got a chance to check out David Adjey’s new show, The Opener, last night. All in all, not bad! Adjey is entertaining and very passionate and is clearly modeling himself on Gordon Ramsay right down to the leather jackets….and skin.  (Hard livin’, my friends. It shows up all-too-clearly in glorious HD.) He was always fun to watch on Restaurant Makeover and I anticipate that Opener will do well.

As for Dinner Wars, I’m excited about the concept but I actively loathe Corbin Tomaszeski. He was alright in the short-lived Crash My Kitchen but his episodes on Restaurant Makeover are my least favourite by far.  He’s condescending, rude and generally obnoxious. Maybe he’ll be able to tame his crapulent attitude a bit this time around. I’m all for snark – in fact,  I often delight in it – but he’s too freaking much.

How about you guys? Anyone excited about returning or new shows?


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